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Edmund Blair Leighton


I can’t even with Stiles rn. LOL!

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Alright, which one of you cast the Dark Mark into the sky?

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Dean + “Baby”


#im either dylan or tyler #theres no inbetween

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Finally did a proper comic about “strong female characters” Its good comics and cartoons are finally representing some diversity. But most cartoons are still with a male lead, and films mostly are the worst example of strong females etc. (Although sarcastic mean girls are a special love of mine provided they are at least sort of decently written)

ALSO please note I am using examples based on stuff I like, its hardly the end all be all of character examples. There is a ton of current and not current stuff I could have used. But an excuse to draw characters I like is aesthetic and preference. (also I really liked Pacific rim so theres that.)

I personally thought Pacific Rim had exceptionally two dimensional characters but this comic is something worth learning from.

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#but look at the way lydia cocks her head #when she hears just how much Stiles cares about Malia #and when they finish their conversation #stiles and lydia make eye contact in the mirror #but she looks away #because she realized that her and Stiles had something good going #and she’s afraid that she’s about to lose someone else #so she looks away as quick as she can #because it’s weird to imagine stiles with someone other than her #but on the other hand #she doesn’t want to ruin what stiles and malia have #the roles have been reversed and now she’s the one putting Stiles’ happiness before her own #now look me in the eyes #and tell me that in that moment Lydia didn’t surprise herself #and realize that she might have feelings for Stiles Stilinski